How To Store Your Wig

store your wig

Wigs are the ultimate way to make us feel better, boost our confidence and ease our way out of a challenging medical situation that concerns loss of hair. Wigs are also an amazing option for every fashionista or beauty addict, that wants to try new styles and be trendy, as new hair styles make their appearance every day. Whether you own only one wig or more than one, you wear them just to create a different look or you wear them due to hair loss, one thing is sure; you have to learn how to store your wig properly.

Why is it important, you ask? By storing your wig the correct way, you will maximise their lifetime. They will look as brand new for many years to come, preserving their high quality and shape.

Let’s see 3 easy tips on how to store your wig and get the most out of it.

Before Storage

There are certain things you should consider before storing your wig. No matter the type of wig you may have (synthetic or human hair), the process is quite similar. Cleaning, letting to dry completely and brushing, are crucial. This way, whenever you reach out to wear you wig it will be in perfect condition.


Whether you want to store your wig for a long or sort period of time, there are two easy ways. A wig stand or a mannequin head stand are both great options. They will keep your wig in the best shape possible without ruining the delicate cap construction.


Wherever you have the space to store your wig, always remember to keep it away from heat sources, direct sunlight, dust, humidity or even near pets that can damage it. If you have enough space in your closet, try storing it in there as it is safe and convenient.

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