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The reasons a woman can lose her hair are unfortunately many. They vary from chemotherapy, alopecia, extreme stress, lack of protein, hormonal imbalance or even bad diet. However, if you are facing any of these problems, there is no need to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about it.

A wig can be your best accessory not only if you have a medical issue, but also if you just want to have fun and experiment with your look without compromising the health of your natural hair. The good thing is that nowadays with the technology being at its highest levels, the results you can get from a wig are phenomenal.

Although it can be overwhelming to find the perfect wig for you, it is way easier than you think. So let’s see a simple guide that will help you choose the ideal option for you.

Cap Size

In other words, head size. In order to select a wig that fits you perfectly, first you have to know the right size for your head. How to find it? There are 3 cap sizes; petite, average and large. The best way to find yours, is to use a measuring tape.

By placing the tape on your forehead and tracing it around your hairline and behind each ear, to the nape of your neck and bringing its end back to the forehead, you can find accurately your cap size.

Hair Type

Now you can choose between:

  • Human hair.
  • Synthetic hair.
  • Synthetic hair that can be styled with heat.

Cap Type

There are 4 types of caps:

  • Classic caps made of cloth that can’t be styled in many ways, but are a great affordable option.
  • Monofilament caps that give the illusion of hair growth and make the ultimate option for cancer patients.
  • Lace fronts that create the most natural looking hairline.
  • Hand tied which are the most natural and realistic wigs.

Color & Style

This is the fun part; once you’ve chosen all the others, you can go with any color or style you wish. From super trendy short to chin length or fashionable long hair. You can also select between reds, blondes, brunettes or with highlights that will surely make your day brighter.

If you want a super unique style just for you, we also offer a custom wig service.

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