Human Hair Wig Aftercare

To ensure that your wig or hairpiece maintains it’s condition & style, gentle care and attention is needed with the appropriate products. To help you with this we have listed the human hair aftercare for all wig and top pieces

Human Hair Aftercare

Before you commence cleansing your wig or hairpiece we would like to remind you that you should only use products recommended by us, otherwise the human hair could dry out, losing it’s elasticity and condition. Do not wash it too often, if wearing daily we recommend washing it after 14 days. We also recommend a work head and clamp available from our site. This will help with styling your human hair piece

Prep and Wash

Firstly brush your wig or hairpiece with a wig brush, start at the ends of the hair and work up to the top. Always wash your human hair wig or hairpiece in a straight configuration with the water running down the hair shaft. Use warm water and apply Paul Mitchell’s Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo on the palm of your hands and evenly work into the hair from base to tips. Rinse and repeat the shampooing process. Then rinse thoroughly with cool water before applying a small amount of Paul Mitchell’s Instant Moisture Daily Treatment to mid lengths and ends. Rinse thoroughly.

Care and Styling

Place the hairpiece into a towel and gently apply pressure to remove excess water. Dry the inside of the cap with a warm hairdryer this will dry the knots and tighten them this also stops the hair from shedding as the knots become loose during washing. Place the wig onto a work head it can be styled. Gently brush from ends to root and apply heat protector before drying. If you need to straighten or curl the hair after drying we recommend cloud nine accessories. We also recommend Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops to use daily to maintain moisture and condition in the hair.