Synthetic Hair Aftercare

To ensure that your wig or hairpiece maintains it’s condition & style, gentle care and attention is needed with the appropriate products. To help you with this we have listed the Synthetic Hair aftercare for all wig and top pieces

Synthetic Hair Aftercare

Before you commence cleansing your wig we would like to remind you that you should only use products recommended by us. The structure of the fibre can be permanently damaged and consequently the longevity can not be guaranteed. Do not wash it too often, if wearing daily we recommend washing it after 14 days. Avoid friction and heat from hair dryers, straighteners, and curling tongs. Take care when opening an oven, of steam near boiling water, in front of an open fire, a spotlight, solarium, patio heaters etc. Always brush with care. 

Prep and Wash

Add a small amount of synthetic shampoo to luke warm water. Now softly shake the wig out and lay it in a shampoo bath for 10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the wig in cool water do not rub or ring. For healthy shine add a little synthetic conditioner to cool water, leave for 5 minutes and rinse again. Pat into a towel and spray the strands and tips of the hair with a synthetic spray conditioner from a distance of 10cm away in short bursts. Then allow it to dry naturally in the air on an open wig stand.

Do not blow dry or heat style your Synthetic hair wig or hair piece.