How To Cut A Wig: DIY Or Salon

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Wigs are the ultimate secret weapon to make anyone suffering from hair loss, feel beautiful and ready to seize the day. They can give you confidence, power and also help you get over any difficult situation you may be dealing with, in a much easier and effortless way. However, despite the type of wig you chose, whether it is a synthetic one or made of real human hair, sometimes it can be quite difficult to modify the hair in order to suit your face perfectly. And here comes the crucial question you have to ask yourself; do I cut my wig by myself or visit a salon?

The answer isn’t as simple as it seems. You invested your money in a quality piece and want to get the most out of it, as well as use it for many years. You may think that cutting a wig isn’t an important issue, but think again. Any wrong cutting move, can totally mess up or destroy completely your wig. Resulting in a wig that can’t be used. Unfortunately, wigs aren’t like your natural hair and the hair isn’t going to grow back deleting the mistake you’ve made. If you are careful with your own hair, imagine how careful you should be with your wig.

So here are some tips to consider on how to cut a wig: DIY or Visit a Salon


  • Try to cut your wig only if you have some previous experience with cutting hair.
  • Have in mind that even if you are good in cutting your own hair, wigs can sometimes defer and may need extra knowledge.
  • If you want a cut that is quite complicated then maybe the DIY method isn’t for you.

Visit A Salon

  • Visiting a salon is a great idea in order to be sure that your wig is on the expert’s hands.
  • Finding a salon that has experience with wigs is even better, to assure a fantastic outcome.
  • Don’t hesitate to spend a little extra; your wig is a part of you and has to be perfect.
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