Festa Mono Wig Stimulate Ellen Wille


Festa Mono Wig Stimulate Ellen Wille



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Festa Mono by Ellen Wille

A lovely trendy wig which has the WOW factor. This beauty has been tapered in at the back allow the hair to hug your nape sweetly and naturally while following your contour, this wig will give you an amazing silhouette. The sides have been cut short around the ears giving you that lovely cropped style, however this is an asymmetric piece so one side is longer than the other. Festa Mono has an amazing sweeping side fringe which is what makes this wig asymmetric. Starting just below the brow the side fringe sweeps gracefully across your forehead and graduates down into a soft point which will sit just above jaw level.

Festa Mono has an Average size cap which is Wefted to ensure maximum comfort and breathability. The Top area is made up of a Hand Tied Monofilament base to give the illusion of the hair coming out of your scalp, this also means you can part your hair wherever you choose for a ultimate natural finish. Festa Mono has also had a Lace Front incorporated into it which gives you and undetectable and invisible hairline.

Hair Type: Synthetic

Cap Construction: Wefted on back and sides, Hand Tied Monofilament Top & Lace Front

Cap Size: Average

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Aubergine Mix, Auburn Rooted, Bernstein Rooted, Black, Champagne Rooted, Chocolate Mix, Coffee Lighted, Dark Auburn Mix, Dark Sand Rooted, Flame Mix, Hazelnut Mix, Light Caramel Mix, Light Coffee Mix, Light Honey Mix, Platin Blonde Mix, Tobacco Mix

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